Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Who can register on this platform?

Any handyman, Male, or Female who is skilled in Solar panels, CCTV installation, Decoder installation, Inter comm. and general electrical wiring can register on this platform.

Do I Get Listed for free?

Yes, after registration and account approved, we place you on a free mode service where you will get seen by thousands of potential clients who needs your services

Manage Your Account

Why is my profile disabled?

Your profile will be disabled for the following reasons:

a. Very poor rating

b. Your Client queries

How Do I Create My Profile?

Your profile will be created at our backend by our admins after you have filled and submitted this survey

Pricing and Policy

Any Service Charges?

There is no service charge levied on technicians. All transactions carried out between a technician and client, belongs to the technician.

Can I advertise my profile?

Yes. For N2,500 a month, your profile will consistently be renewed daily, which will help garner visibility from potential customers, and easy access to you as well.

Trust and Safety

What happens if something goes wrong while contacting a handyman?

If something goes wrong we’re here to make it right. Please let us know right away. You can call Us or send a WhatsApp message to our support team on +234 811-777-7787

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the work done by the technician you can always contact our support team by sending us an email to or leave a message on WhatsApp to our support number +234 811-777-7787 with Pictures of the job done and our team will help investigate to make sure the work is properly done and you also have the option to rate them poorly.

How to leave feedback on handyman or client illegal activity

If you want to leave feedback concerning your experience as a client or technician, kindly send an email to You can also Report on illegal/fraudulent activity if you find something suspicious.

Who takes responsibility for any damages caused by a Technician. if any?

Magic Illuminaxions is not and cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by technicians, as we do not manage the jobs.